Amazing cuisine, wonderful beverages, and a great place to watch the game with your friends after work. The typical bar food—burgers, wings, pizza—and the drink specials provided on a regular basis are the greatest aspects of many sports bars. At sports bars, there’s usually something going on, whether it’s a competition or karaoke. It’s no surprise that Illinois has a multitude of excellent sports bars. Here are our favourites.

Posen, IL’s Hero’s Sports Bar & Grill

Hero’s Sports Bar & Grill is a traditional establishment with friendly service, great music, and a varied menu. Locals love the chicken wings and the whole ambiance of this restaurant. They’re open late and worth visiting with a group or on your own.

Oak Lawn, IL’s The Whistle Sports Bar & Grill

Locals consider The Whistle Sports Bar to be a neighborhood gem, with great meals served by friendly wait staff. Guests particularly like the steak sandwich (a menu staple) and the buffalo shrimp. Everything is fairly priced, and the whole environment contributes to a good and memorable experience.

Hall of Fame Sports Grill, Lyons, IL

Hall of Fame Sports Grill is a popular neighborhood hangout. Every day after 3 p.m., all of their burgers are just $1, and they also have various deals on their bar food and drinks. With its karaoke and quiz evenings, the Hall of Fame attracts a vibrant crowd. Guests say it’s a wonderful place to watch sports and eat reasonably priced bar fare.

Will’s Northwoods Inn in Chicago, Illinois

Will’s Northwoods Inn is the place to go if you’re a Packers fan in Chicago. Fans of the Chicago Hawks, Bears, Cubs, Sox, and Bulls may also watch the newest Hawks, Bears, Cubs, Sox, and Bulls games here. Wills is one of the greatest sports bars in the state for a variety of reasons, including their cheerful wait staff and outstanding bartenders, as well as their cheese curds.

Highland, IL’s E.L. Flanagan’s Sports & Spirits

Look no further than E.L. Flanagan’s for delicious pub cuisine and quick service. Their wait staff is friendly and helpful, and on weekends, visitors may enjoy live music. The outdoor terrace is ideal for the warmer months, and there is a cool fish tank for children to enjoy.

MD’s Sports Bar & Grill, Peoria, Illinois

MD’s Sports Bar in Peoria is usually buzzing with activity. They have live entertainment, Taco Tuesdays, tournaments, amazing food deals, a large number of televisions, and so much more. MD’s fries, burgers, and pulled pork sandwiches are popular with visitors. MD’s also provides fast and pleasant service.

Springfield, Illinois’s Stadium Bar & Grill

The Stadium Bar & Grill is well-known for its extensive menu selection and delicious pizza. Their cuisine is fairly priced, and they frequently provide promotions. They serve all-you-can-eat fish on Fridays and two-topping big pizzas for $10 on a daily basis.

Countryside, IL’s Harry’s Sports Bar and Grill

Harry’s is famous for its Taco Tuesdays, when they sell $1 tacos, as well as an extensive craft beer selection. Locals also love watching games and other sporting events on the other 30 screens. This establishment also offers pool tables, gaming, weekly trivia, and other enjoyable activities. Harry’s welcoming wait staff also makes an effort to accommodate large parties.

Washington, IL’s Kep’s Sports Bar & Grill

Kep’s Sports Bar is the place to go for superb service and bar cuisine. The atmosphere, events, live music, and attentive wait staff are all enjoyed by guests. A local favorite in the Washington region, it also has huge televisions for watching sports.

Galena, IL’s Gobbie’s Sports Pub & Eatery

Gobbie’s is a family-run sports bar that serves handmade pizza and has outside seating. Guests love the deep-dish pizza with salad and the beer nuggets. Gobbie’s also has several high-definition televisions throughout the restaurant and bar, as well as live local entertainment on weekends.

The best sports bars in Illinois